Come & Get It: An Ode to Selena Gomez and Her True Love, McDonald's

Selena Gomez is never one to hide who she really is from her fans. She's 100% real, all the time, and it's one of her most admirable qualities. And if there's one thing she doesn't shy away from, it's expressing her true love for McDonald's.

While we know Justin Bieber has managed to steal her heart yet again, it's Mickey D's that will forever and always have her heart. No matter what. No on-and-off-again romance here, just a same old love she'll never get sick of. And we even know what her fave thing to order is, thanks to her appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden's Carpool Karaoke session: a number 7 with medium fries and a Coke. Don't know what this is off of the top of your head? A number 7 on the McDonalds menu is a Ranch BLT with either grilled or crispy chicken. Delish. And since today happens to be National Fast Food Day, we, of course, decided to pay our respects to Selena's deep-rooted love to McDonald's. Same girl, same.

WATCH: We Try the French Fry Challenge

Check out the gallery below to see Selena being nothing but #Proud of her McDonald's-loving ways!