Selena Gomez reemerged at the 2016 American Music Awards after months out of the spotlight and the songstress keeps reminding fans every day that she's here to stay!

The songstress has been linked so many Hollywood heartthrobs it's hard to keep track of who she really had a thing with and who was just a friend. Everyone from Justin Bieber to Niall Horan to Charlie Puth has made their way in and out of Sel's life in one way or another. Now, it seems like she's got a new hunk on her radar!

So who is he? His name is Maluma and he's a Colombian singer, songwriter and record producer. He's super successful and has even collaborated with huge stars including Ricky Martin!

Fans noticed that Selena started following him on Instagram and even liked a photo of his, because of course, everyone knows that when you like someone's photo that means you like them. LOL…jokes aside, this could be her way of trying to get his attention!

selena gomez 1

And this all wasn't one-sided either. Maluma started following Selena, too! He even returned the favor and liked one of her photos with the caption, "Vente pa' ca." This caption just so happens to be the same phrase as one of Maluma's tracks!

selena maluma 1

Okay so this could all be super innocent but Maluma definitely isn't lacking when it comes to looks so it's easy to see why ANY girl would quickly fall for him. His Instagram is full of HOT photos and we're seriously drooling over here.

maluma 2

Fans completely freaked out on social media when word got around that these two were connecting on Instagram.

Another fan wrote in Spanish, "Come to Colombia @selenagomez and @maluma."

This fan believes a brand new song is about to drop!

maluma 3

While were not exactly sure what's happening here, the fan theory that she is trying to get Selenators hyped up for her new album and potential collaboration with Maluma is totally possible. There's no telling when she could release new music but because she captioned her Instagram in Spanish and Maluma gave it some love, we have a feeling they could be working together. However, our fingers are crossed that it's much more than that.

He's definitely no Bieber…which is a really, really good thing.

What do you think is going down? Let us know in the comments below!

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