Let's get one thing straight – Selena Gomez isn't pregnant nor has she ever been in her life, to our knowledge. But, we've got some of the first photos of her giving birth to a baby. I know what you're thinking, how the hell does that work? A person must be pregnant in order to give birth. Yes, that's definitely the way things work in real life but not in the movies! Selena plays a role in the new film, In Dubious Battle, where she has a baby – a fake baby that is.

Selena's character is named Lisa London, who is a young mother. The plot centers around fighting for workers' rights in 1933. While the story seems riveting, we're all really just here for Selena's birthing scene. I mean, how many times has she done this? Literally, zero. Everyone is eager to get a glimpse at what she could look like when she pops out a Selena Jr. in the future because, the world knows, she would never share something this intimate from her actual personal life.

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OMG…clearly, Sel is an incredible actress because this looks so real, and we're not the only ones who think so. Her co-star in the movie, Josh Hutcherson, praised her skills especially the work she did during the birthing scene. He chatted with E! News and said, "That was intense. She went for it. I wasn't in that scene, but I was on set and you could hear screaming and going for it a f–king half-mile away. She really went all in."

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If you know Selena, you know when she commits to something, she really puts all her effort in. It's pretty amazing how vulnerable, real and raw she was able to portray this scene and this character. It shows what kind of talent she has. Throughout the rest of the movie, her character can be seen holding the new bundle of joy and we can't help but think this is exactly what she's going to look like when she has a baby of her own. Obviously, this is all acting, but she looks like a natural!

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Selena stars alongside Josh, James Franco, and Nat Wolff in In Dubious Battle, which is currently released on Digital and drops on Blu-Ray and DVD August 28. The "Bad Liar" singer may have the music thing totally vibing for her at the moment, but when she dips her toes back into the acting pool, she's just as big of a star. Bravo, girl!

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