No, Selena Gomez is not pregnant.

Rumors have been wildly flying that Sel is trying to have a baby with The Weeknd and with nearly utmost certainty, we can say that’s probably not true. The pair has been dating for several months now and they are still in the honeymoon phase. I mean, they just made their first public appearance together at the MET Gala less than seven days ago.

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Can you even imagine if the “Hands to Myself” singer already announced that she’s pregnant? It would be absolutely bonkers. The internet would nearly explode. Seriously, move over Kim Kardashian because your assets would have nothing on this news.

RadarOnline has gone so far to say that even though Selena might not officially have a bun in the oven yet, she is still trying to trap The Weeknd into having a baby with her.

So, just after Selena has finally got her life back in order, after coming out of a rehab stint to treat her Lupus, after finally making headlines without Justin Bieber in them, on the brink of releasing new music AND after 13 Reasons Why was just picked up for a second season – you mean to tell me she’s going to stop all that and have a baby? Not. A. Chance.

The source told RadarOnline, “Some of Selena’s family believes that she is trying to trap him into getting her pregnant. She is not pregnant just yet, but she has been telling her friends and family that she wants almost nothing more than to have a baby right now!”

The source continued, “She actually thinks that it is her time to have a child because it is the only thing in life that she has not yet experienced!”

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But, apparently, her family thinks this isn’t a good idea. The source said, “Pretty much no one around her thinks that her having a baby is a good idea. And there are certain family members that really believe she is STILL trying to get back at Justin Bieber!”


No, but jokes aside, Selena and The Weeknd seem like they have a very normal relationship. They have been caught getting giddy with each other, laughing, traveling and having a good time. The pair has also been seen without each other in the past couple of months due to their busy schedules. It seems like they are taking things as they come and enjoying their time together.

Selena is still so young and while some celebrities do choose to have babies at very young ages, Sel is just getting started. She even said that herself.

So to be clear, fans will probably have to wait a few more years for the offspring of Selena and The Weeknd to make it into the world. IF it even happens at all.

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