FYI: Selena Gomez's Blonde Hair Is Here to Stay, in Case Anyone Was Wondering

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Let’s be honest for a second here, Selena Gomez’s blonde hair took everyone for a shock when she first debuted it without any warning on the 2017 American Music Awards red carpet. Of course none of the reaction was bad, fans obviously loved it and were undoubtedly shook at the sudden and drastic change. The “Wolves” singer was pretty much known for her signature dark locks.

For those who were wondering just how long blonde Sel was going to stick around for, it’s going to be quite a while. The “Bad Liar” songstress spoke to E! Online about the change and when asked if she was keeping the look, she replied, “I am. She’s not going anywhere.” Considering the starlet referred to her hair as a female pronoun, it was only natural to ask if she had a nickname for the lighter 'do. Her response? “Not yet, I gotta find it. I’m still getting to know her.” If you ask us, it looks like Sel and her blonde tresses have gotten to know one another pretty well. Seriously, it looks like the singer could fool everyone and tell them she was a natural blonde.

This is one of the first time’s Sel has opened up about the change. Her hair stylist, Riawna Capri on the other hand dished about the work it took to turn to the singer blonde on Instagram and revealed that it took a total of nine hours! On social media she wrote, “when your client brings in a picture of #NirvanaBlonde, you pull up this informational insta 😏 and let them know it took 9 hours.”

Now that’s some serious dedication to the change. Obviously going blonde wasn’t the only thing the “Fetish” singer dished about. She also talked about her health and said, “I am very, very lucky and I feel really good. I feel great. It's a whole other part of me, but I'm just, I'm happy and I'm healthy and that's—I think that's what matters.”

We couldn’t agree more. Selena has been through a lot this past year, and shown both strength and resilience. That is exactly why Billboard named her their “Woman of the Year" and we couldn't think of anyone more deserving, tbh.


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