Selena Gomez sure has a lot to smile about these days. Aside from her budding romance with singer, The Weeknd, which already has involved a romantic European getaway and slightly more visible appearance of their relationship on social media – it appears that the actress has also found time to begin the recording process for an upcoming album.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Sel registered a new song titled, “It Ain’t Me,” which was written by Brian Lee, Ali Tamposi, Andrew Watt – who co-wrote her ex Justin Bieber’s hit single, “Let Me Love You,” – and DJ, Kygo who she tagged in an Instagram post not long after teasing an unnamed track on the apps story feature.

In the 10 second clip shared by the “Same Old Love,” singer, the lyrics to this unreleased track can be heard and they go, “I had a dream/ We were back to 17/ Summer nights and libertines/ Never growing up."

Circling back to Justin Bieber, many fans are speculating already that this untitled track that many are assuming is “It Ain’t Me,” is inspired by the “Love Yourself,” singer considering how many years the two have been on and off.

Obviously the two are no longer together, and it doesn’t seem likely they are going to get back together any time soon but that doesn’t mean Sel can’t use past experiences as inspiration.

That’s not where the story ends though, not too long afterwards, Selena shared yet another clip of this track and from the beat alone – it bears quite a resemblance to a few songs worked on by Kygo such as “Stole the Show”; which leads us to believe that this song is in fact “It Ain’t Me.”

Looks like a new era of Selena Gomez is upon us – and we’re more than ready to see what kind of music it’ll bring to our ears.

What do you guys think of the track so far based on these previews? Sound off in the comments section below.

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