The Weeknd is throwing Selena Gomez those Instagram likes as if it's his job!

The "Starboy" singer isn't a stranger to posting pictures of Selena on social media or commenting on her photos because he loves her that much. But, he went full-on stalker over the long weekend and actually liked photos of Selena's from years ago. Like, 2015 we're talking here. Obviously, that is the cardinal rule of Instagram stalking – you can look but you can't like. I mean, can you imagine finding yourself years deep in someone's profile and then accidentally liking a photo of their family Christmas photo from 2012? Social. Suicide.

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However, this probably wasn't an accident because she IS his girlfriend. But, this only proves one thing about who The Weeknd really is – an Instagram stalker. He is all of us.

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We can't help but wonder if he was just missing his girl or they were both hanging on the couch together – because you know they are a super low key and normal couple – and he was looking at her in real life and on his phone. Just the mere thought of it makes us totally swoon.

He wasn't just trolling her pictures from 2015 either. He also liked a photo of Selena posing with her cousin Priscilla DeLeon. The caption reads, "Maid of Honor."

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Maid of Honor.

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Obviously, he approves of Selena's family too. If fans remember correctly, Priscilla attended one of The Weeknd's shows a couple of months ago with the "Bad Liar" singer, her son and her fiancé. The group was dancing and singing all night and they even got backstage passes. It's seriously adorable how close The Weeknd is with Selena's relatives. And how he totally agrees with this future maid of honor wedding plan. Can you imagine the photos of these two going to a wedding together? Freaking priceless.

So basically, this all sums up to the fact that The Weeknd is super relatable and is head over heels for Selena. And also head over heels for her Instagram aesthetic.

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