It will be music to every shipper’s ears.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd can do more than just love each other, right? Well, it looks like that is the case because it’s being reported that these two are working on new music together and we’re already freaking out. Their relationship has been kept out of the public eye, for the most part, however, once they create a song together that is all over.

Usually, after artists put a new track out there they will do promo and press. Can you imagine these two doing press together? Seriously, this would be every journalist’s dream!

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The giggling, the smiling and the questions that these two could be asked about their lives, their music, and their relationship will have the world loving them even more. Of course, we can’t get too ahead of ourselves though. Selena, The Weeknd nor their reps have yet to confirm the news.

So, if no one has spoken about it, how did it all get started? With Wikipedia, obviously.

The website may not be the most trustworthy news source but it is the place that this rumor went viral. It was under Max Martin’s musical recordings description section that one of Sel’s new singles was written crediting him for helping with the track. The single is titled, “In Her Element.” Not only that but Nicki Minaj, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter and Ryan Tedder were also listed as songwriters for the song.

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Okay, so that all seems normal, right? Right. It wasn’t until fans kept reading that they undoubtedly freaked out. The Weeknd was listed as a featured artist on the song! This would technically mean that they are collaborating or in the least that his voice is somewhere in the song even if it’s only for a portion of it.

However, before we get too excited it is important to remember what Wikipedia really is. It’s a site that allows anyone to change and manipulate the information on it. Obviously, there are lots of facts on there that are true but we must always be careful when reading it because there’s a possibility something could have been tampered with.

Fingers crossed that this was no typo!

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