From low-key and adorably stalking one another on social media, to publicly showing their support for one another – there’s no denying the the crazy amount of love between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd.

It’s taken a bit of time for the two to be public with their relationship, but they finally have been and for fans it was worth the wait. Seriously, the way the gush about one another is just enough to throw anyone into a puddle of feels.

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So naturally, it would only make sense for the two to show just how proud they are of their latest and most recent accomplishments. The “Fetish” singer of course launched her new collaboration with Coach, and opened up about her time in rehab in a new interview with InStyle; while the “I Feel It Coming” singer landed on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

Huge accomplishments for both, and they had to congratulate one another in a very sweet and public way. Both took to their Instagram stories, and shared a picture of their respective covers. Sel simply drew a pink heart over her guy’s while he wrote “XO” on a picture of the songstress.

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Awww! These public shout outs are very sweet, and not to mention subtle; but did anyone really expect anything more from them? Sure, Sel slipped a little over her birthday weekend when dishing on where her guys was on the big day, but let’s face it – these two are pretty much the king and queen of keeping mostly everything under the radar.

Well, they keep the details they want to remain private between them, and give their fans (along with the rest of the world) only the small glimpses into their relationship that they want to publicly share. Though here’s hoping that they throw each other another major love fest on social media, it’s pretty adorable.

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