It’s safe to say that Selena Gomez is one of the most well-known faces around the world. I mean, come on, the girl was on Barney & Friends, played everyone’s fave TV wizard, she’s incredibly successful in the music industry, and has produced her own Netflix show. She’s literally everywhere. You’d think that because she’s so famous and has done so much with her life already, no one would be able to be mistaken for her. But, that’s where we’re all wrong. There’s an actual army of Selena lookalikes on Instagram and it’s pretty insane.

The whole thing seriously has us mind blown. We had no idea how many people around the world actually looked like Selena’s other half. Of course, she has two younger siblings, Gracie and Tori, but because they are so small we can’t really see a huge resemblance just yet. Now, we’re shooketh over all of these gals who legit have the same lips, hair, cheeks, style, skin tone down to the pose form that Selena so publicly displays.

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This is not Selena Gomez, we repeat, this is not Selena Gomez.

How can this not be her? Her name is Sofia Solares and she’s from Mexico. How she and Selena were not birthed from the same mother is BEYOND me. Also, her Instagram aesthetic is cool AF – she could one hundred percent be a star.

The shy, more innocent version of Selena Gomez has hit the airwaves.

This is the Selena lookalike that has a very odd coincidence to the original Selena. According to Instagram, her name is Selena Sanchez, yes we know it’s freaky. HOW could her name be Selena, too? Not a clue. But, we’ve stalked her photos and it seems like she has a son, a daughter, loves experimenting with makeup and is a selfie queen!

The Selena Gomez with incredibly amazing eyes.

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Here we are again. This Selena lookalike has the same exact eyes as the “Bad Liar” singer. The way she does her smokey eye has got us under a serious trance. Her name is Erika Montantes and she’s got over 10,000 followers on Instagram. We’re not totally sure where she lives but she’s in love with her boyfriend and is obsessed with all things photography, makeup, and style.

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The Selena Gomez who can transform herself into a million people.

Okay, so what do we mean by this? This lookalike named Valerie is an animation student. She lists her location as Ottawa and Toronto. The craziest part is that even though she looks like she can be Selena’s twin, she also can transform herself using makeup, wigs and different clothing into different characters like The Little Mermaid, Anatasia, and a legit skull. Valerie is a true talent!

As we all know, the real Selena is super reserved when it comes to her personal life. Everything is very calculated and she only lets out information that she wants out there. This lookalike seems exactly the same. Her name is Daniela Garcia and her Instagram is private. So, she’s a mystery just like our girl is! We kind of love it.

All of these women are beautiful and super talented in their own way. Even though they may not actually be the real Selena Gomez, we have a feeling she’d be friends with all of them. Can you even imagine what that would look like? 5, 6 or 7 Selena lookalikes walking all together with the real Selena? The paparazzi would have a freaking field day.

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This post was originally published on August 17, 2017 and has since been updated.

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