Just hours after Tati Westbrook uploaded a new, tell-all video in which she claimed Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson “manipulated” her into posting her video about James Charles last year, Shane has responded to her allegations.

“This is a f**king lie and I’m losing my mind,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

tati westbrook shane dawson responds

He also spoke out about the situation during an Instagram Live.

“You are so manipulative,” he said, while watching Tati’s video. “You’re fake crying. That is not real. Oh my God.”

He also called the YouTuber “insane.” Ryland Adams, Shane’s fiancé, also addressed the drama.

“Tati Westbrook — a master class in manipulation. The only [way] to save her reputation was to side with the person she tried to ruin. Make no mistake. This 40 year old woman choose to post a video on her own accord. She riled up Shane before doing so to have one of the biggest creators backing her in the chance this all backfired,” he wrote in a series of tweets. “Shane very well WOULD have posted a video exposing James had he felt so inclined. No receipts because she didn’t want to expose the countless times she told Shane that she was a big girl doing this ONLY for herself.”

He added, “Hope you enjoy those sold out vitamins that made you millions in minutes from Shane’s support you two faced liar.”

For those who missed it, back in May 2019, Tati shook the entire web when she posted a video called “Bye Sisters” where she accused James of lying, manipulating and being a disrespectful person, after he supported one of her rival vitamin companies. Now, she has posted a new video, claiming that Shane and Jeffree “coerced and manipulated” her into turning on James.

Tati explained that although she did not agree with some of James’ actions, “none of her concerns became overwhelming until she met Shane.” She claimed that she only made the video “because of all the poisonous lies that were fed to her by Shane and Jeffree.”

“I should have known better than to fall for their lies and manipulation but in the end I failed and, instead, I allowed Shane and Jeffree to put a wedge between our friendship,” the YouTuber said. “I expressed how much a specific decision [James] made, which I perceived as betrayal, had hurt me. I was very worried and heartbroken, but I did not lie in that video. I never called James Charles a ‘predator’ and I never said that James Charles was a ‘danger to society.’ My video was not made with any malice. I did not publicly air any of the horrific accusations that were being made behind-the-scenes.”

Fans will recall that after Tati’s May 2019 video went live, Jeffree took to Twitter to slam James, calling him a “danger to society.” He has not spoken out about her latest video.

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