Not only are Shane Dawson fans about to get a new horror movie from the YouTube star, but he’s got a documentary in the works too! That’s right, the 31-year-old told fans in a recent Instagram Stories video that once he gets out of coronavirus self-quarantine, the entire process of making his upcoming flick will be filmed and turned into a documentary.

“Once this quarantine is over, hopefully, my script will be done and Andrew [Siwicki] can come back and we’re going to film the whole process of us trying to get the movie made and trying to get funding, or funding it myself,” the internet star excitedly told his 11.8 million Instagram followers on Wednesday, May 13.

Prepare yourselves, guys, because so much more Shane content is coming soon! In case you missed it,  this epic announcement came a few days after the vlogger took to Twitter and apologized to fans for not being active online. Shane then explained that he’s actually been writing a film script. But not just any script! Yep, the famed YouTuber has been wanting to write a horror movie since being a little kid and, now, he finally has the time to do it.

“Sorry I haven’t been very active lately or posting much. I’ve been taking some time to finally write a horror script for a movie I’ve been wanting to make since I was a kid. I’ve wanted to make horror movies my whole life so I’m really really excited and also very nervous,” Shane tweeted.

As fans know, the internet star has already released a bunch of short movies and super popular conspiracy theory videos online, so it was only a matter of time he got into the feature film business. Naturally, people were seriously shook by this epic announcement, and some even responded back to Shane asking him to cast them in the upcoming flick.

“CAST ME AS A TREE PLEASE,” a pretty hilarious reply read. Someone else added, “Dibs on trashcan.”

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