The latest Netflix movie everyone is going to be talking about, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, has finally arrived. There’s a good chance we’re all going to be obsessed with Sierra and Jamey, the central (v complicated) couple of the movie. The Emmy nominated queen Shannon Purser and the already beloved Noah Centineo bring these characters to life – and yes, they get along super well IRL. Prepare to just swoon yet again because Shannon recently admitted that her smooch with Noah in the movie was actually her first ever on-screen kiss. We kid you not!

And to make the scene feel even more real for the actors, the movie’s director, Ian Samuels, made sure Shannon and Noah didn’t see each other the day that scene was filming – right up until they had to pucker up. 

“It was my first on-screen kiss. Not my first real kiss thankfully but, yeah that was horrifying. I was not prepared for that at all, but I think it really added to the authenticity,” the 21-year-old starlet said to Entertainment Tonight. “I couldn’t see him in his tux and the moment was so honest and nervewracking the way when you’re a kid falling in love for the first time.”

How precious is that? They really made sure this scene would feel legit and knowing Shannon never had to kiss someone on-camera before already adds so much to the scene that’s obviously super important in the movie. So what did Noah think about it all? Well in typical charming AF Noah fashion, he said the scene lives up to the hype.

“It was so much fun to film. The scene was great, super cute, gotta love it, you’re gonna love it I promise,” the 22-year-old said to ET. And when asked on a scale of one to 10 what he would rate the scene, he basically confirmed it’s off the charts.

“I’d give it an 11, that was an 11,” he said. UGH, okay Noah, way to slay our hearts yet again! As if we didn’t get enough cuteness from him and his To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before co-star Lana Condor, his friendship with Shannon is bringing on another v serious case of the feels.

“Noah was also my first on-screen kiss, which I was very terrified about at the time. And he was so sweet about it,” she said to Teen Vogue. “What you see is what you get with him. I feel like, especially in Hollywood, you meet people with ulterior motives, who are trying to get something from you. Noah was just like genuinely kind and lovable from day one.”

What a gem. If you need us, we’ll just be watching both of Noah’s movies. On repeat. Probably forever.

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