Does Shawn Mendes already have another album in the works? The Canadian crooner appeared to tease new music in April 2021, months after releasing his fourth record, Wonder, in December 2020.

“Dying for you guys to hear this but Andrew [Gertler] won’t let me. Spam him. Lol,” Shawn wrote on Instagram alongside multiple videos of himself dancing to what appeared to be new music. The first clip showed the “In My Blood” singer clapping his hands while wearing headphones, the second had Shawn nodding his head to a beat and in the third, he was playing the piano.

When it comes to releasing new music, the curly-haired cutie has stayed pretty mum about dropping any hints about what’s to come. But he did tell fans, “I’m making songs I’m realllly proud of guys.” Previously, Shawn has opened up about his musical evolution and how creating new tunes has changed since his career first started.

“I love music down to the simple form of, it just is awesome, and it makes me feel good and I’ve always loved it,” he said during an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music in November 2020. “But for me at 22, it’s definitely becoming about much more than music. I think it’s about becoming and just being a beacon of love and sending it back out because I’ve been given it for so many years.”

When comparing Wonder to the rest of his albums, Shawn explained how his most recent record gave him a new approach to songwriting.

“I always felt like I had to walk into a studio and command the room and be like, ‘This is what we’re going to do.’ And I just walked into the studio and I looked at the writers and the people who I love and trust, and I just hung out and just sat there and tried my best to let it come,” he explained during the same conversation. “And it did. And I feel really lucky for that because I think the point of the creative genius thing is that sometimes it doesn’t come, but don’t get down on yourself when it doesn’t.”

Following the success of Wonder, it’s safe to say that Shawn’s new method of creating music has worked in his favor. Going forward, he told GQ in November 2020 that he is no longer worried about whether or not people will like his music. “It’s a sh–ty way to make art,” Shawn told the magazine. “To make art in order to have people like it and purchase it becomes a very stressful and hard thing … I can speak to you clearly because I’m not dancing around my real self. I’m just being me with you. And that’s beauty. And that’s success.”

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