Shawn Mendes likes to open up about his life and engage with fans on social media, but he may have just given us too much information! The "Treat You Better" singer decided it was time to get a pedicure. Okay, normal.

But what has got us cringing over here is the details he gave about his experience. No, it wasn't that the pedicurist scrubbed the bottom of his feet for too long and made him laugh uncontrollably in his chair.

He tweeted:

Yiiiiikes, Shawn! We're not exactly sure why he decided to share this but, hey, maybe he thinks it makes him more real, more human and more relatable. It just goes to show that even celebs have funky things about their bodies and Shawn is owning this!

Now fans just need proof and are anxiously awaiting this mysterious hairy toe photo. He should know the rule – pics or it didn't happen, Shawn! LOL

What do you think about Shawn's experience getting a pedicure? Let us know in the comments below!

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