Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have reunited!

The pair has been rumored to be dating for what seems like years now. Ever since they dropped their collaboration, "I Know What You Did Last Summer", they had instant chemistry. The way they looked at each other in the music video and behind-the-scenes clips always seemed super flirty to fans. And even if they don't have the romantic feelings we all hoped they did, their friendship is stronger than ever. To be honest, it might be stronger now than it was when Camila was in Fifth Harmony.

If the world remembers correctly, Shawn actually stood up for Camila when she announced that she would be leaving the band. In response to her statement, Shawn tweeted, "'Pursue what makes your heart pound, happiness is our responsibility' beautifully said."

It's clear he has a lot of respect for her. Unfortunately, we haven't seen these two together in months. With everything Shawn has been doing and Camila focusing on getting her life in order as a solo artist, they haven't really publicly crossed paths until now. Fans are super excited that these two have reunited and they look happier than ever to be back in each other's company!

Camila posted this HOT selfie on Instagram with the caption, "reunited at @bhn14 ✨✨✨."

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reunited at @bhn14 ✨✨✨

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How amazing do they look? YOU GUYS, that filter, though. It's so, so fly and we're loving every second of this reunion. We did a little bit of investigative work and found out that they crossed paths at a doctor's office in Beverly Hills. While we're not exactly sure why they were there, it seems like they are both in good health.

It's important to note that singers go to the doctors all the time just to make sure their vocal chords and everything else in between is in top shape. Who knew Camila and Shawn use the same guy?! LOL!

Regardless, the photo says one thousand words and we're so excited that it hit the Internet. Now, all we need is another selfie of Shawmila back in the studio together and our hearts will be complete!

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