Shawn Mendes is known for his deeply personal lyrics and he can write up one gut-wrenching love song he delivers in that voice of his that can leave you with chills. You probably often wonder where he gets all the inspiration for his tunes and while the “Mercy” crooner was in Brazil, he admitted that he actually hasn’t ever been through a massive heartbreak with a girlfriend. Yet.

Shawn opened up to Fernanda Catania, better known for her YouTube channel Foquinha, when she asked him if he’s ever suffered for love, since his songs tend to be rather intense and seem to all have an overall theme of heartbreak. That’s when he confessed that he really hasn’t had any sort of major breakup or felt completely shattered by love in his life, although he can’t wait for it all to actually happen to him one day.

“I have mildly [suffered for love], not as much as I make it sound like. I need to get my heart broken so I can write another album. I don’t think I’ve ever had my heart broken,” Shawn said. “I’m lucky, but that means it has to happen. But that’s good, I can’t wait for it to happen because I’ll probably get some good songs out of it.”

OK, so a lot to process here. Shawn hasn’t publicly had a girlfriend since he’s become the superstar singer we all know and love but mind you, he’s only 19 years old, so he has plenty of time to fall in and out of love, as many times as his heart desires. So it makes sense he hasn’t had that one truly life-changing heartbreak yet, and he’s admitted his songs are about everything from fictional characters to his intense love for music to yes, his real-life romances which haven’t really left that dark of a mark on his quite yet. Perhaps he’s been the one breaking girls’ hearts out here! But maybe that’s a good thing he hasn’t felt that type of hurt since no one ever really wants to experience heartbreak. Shawn does have a point though, he knows when it happens, it will fuel some amazing songs. Let’s hope he just stays happily in love for a little while first before having to face the downsides of love too!

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