When it comes to tall celebrities, Shawn Mendes is definitely someone who stands out due to his height. It is beyond obvious that the "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" singer is ridiculously handsome, but some may be surprised to find out that the cutie is v tall too. Sometimes it is hard to see just how tall a celebrity is when you're seeing them on TV or looking at photos of them on social media. It is much more beneficial when seeing them next to other people – that's why we're taking a look at Shawn towering over other celebs. It truly proves just how much of a beautiful string bean he is in real life.

So this leads us to the question we've all been asking ourselves – how tall is Shawn Mendes exactly? The heartthrob hottie is 6'2". It is crazy just how tall he is in comparison to his famous friends – even when the other person is in heels! It's true proof that Shawn is, in fact, as tall as you would imagine. Note to self: It may be necessary to stand on your tippy toes if you ever find yourself taking a selfie with Shawn. And from what we've seen, it seems like he's always crouching down for photos. Makes sense.

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