When you’re someone like Shawn Mendes who can write up a hit song at the drop of a hat, everyone is naturally curious to know exactly how these words just pour out of him. Where does the inspiration come from? What is his writing process like? Well, while the 20-year-old singer didn’t divulge any of those details just yet, he did have to fess up to the fact that he has a secret journal that he basically pours his heart and soul into.

During a Q&A at the “An Evening With Shawn Mendes” event at the LA Grammy Museum, Shawn was asked all about his “Truth is” journal. At first, he was totally surprised the interviewer even knew about this top-secret part of his life.

“I can’t even believe you know that exists. You must’ve emailed my mom!” Shawn said. Then, he went into detail about this special notebook.

“The ‘Truth Is’ journal…I know what you’re talking about. So, I have a journal, and in the journal, I basically go, ‘Truth Is…’ And I write everything that’s true. And I think a lot of the times we lie to ourselves about life and how we feel about people or about things, and I go — no matter how crazy or how obscure this thought is — I go, ‘The truth is, this is how I feel about this.’ And that’s what I have.”

shawn mendes writing

“And I’ll never tell you what’s inside,” Shawn added with a laugh. 

OK, can we just appreciate for a moment how amazing it is that Shawn takes the time to do this? It’s safe to say he’s a pretty busy guy so knowing he does something that for sure keeps him grounded and allows him to really take an honest look at what’s going on in his life at any give moment for sure must help him translate it all into that raw and honest emotion he brings to his music. Never change dear Shawn, never change.

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