Shawn Mendes has never publicly been in a relationship before but his single streak might be over before we know it!

The "Mercy" singer skyrocketed to fame over the past couple of years and he's been romantically linked to a gaggle of girls including Camila Cabello and Chloe Grace Moretz. However, he's denied all of the rumors and claimed that they were just friends. Now, he's admitting that he wants a girl in his life! This is super freaking exciting because we can't even imagine who wouldn't want to date this heartthrob. I mean, come on, we can already see the line forming now!

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So, how do we know that Shawn is ready to settle down and make things official with a lucky lady? He said so!

Shawn appeared on BBC Radio 1 and chatted with Nick Grimshaw about his track, "There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back." But, the two got into the topic of dating and that's when everything changed. Shawn is set to perform at Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival and Nick promised to set him up with any of the artists that will be there.

Shawn replied, "We gotta find me a girlfriend." HOLD UP. Shawn, we're available.

Jokes aside, we had no idea Shawn was looking for a girl to love in his life! This is too freaking sweet but then his next comment his confusing his fans all too much. Nick questioned if Shawn had anyone in mind and the heartthrob said, "Oh, Katy Perry, of course."

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Wait…what. Of course, Katy is super beautiful and very talented but after she grabbed his butt on the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, we're shocked he mentioned her name. Shawn looked super uncomfortable when the whole thing went down and even admitted that he didn't know Katy. It was definitely not okay for her to touch him like that and fans attacked her for doing so on social media.

To be honest, the two could have met in between that happening and now. So, maybe they have formed a friendship. However, we're just still in a bit of a shock that his first choice would be Katy after the debacle. Until we figure out what is really going on between them, let's think about some girls who would totally steal Shawn's heart.

Any ideas?!

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