There are millions of people out there dealing with anxiety every day, and we wanted to remind you that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you may not know this, but there are tons of celebrities that deal with the same thing. Shawn Mendes has recently joined the long list of stars that have been very open about their mental health issues when he revealed that he’s dealt with major anxiety throughout his career.

The 20-year-old was named the Live Music Artist Of The Year at the Billboard Live Music Summit And Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening, but before accepting the award, he sat down with his longtime manager, Andrew Gertler, to talk about his journey.

During the talk though, things got pretty personal when Shawn opened up about some of the hardships he’s faced as a singer. The star even admitted that sometimes when he’s not touring, he’s fallen into a “deep hole.”

“It’s actually much harder off the road because I was 14, 15 when I started and I’ve become so used to Andrew being there [as well as] our tour manager, my security guard and my whole crew that I can lean on and be with, [so] when I get home, I feel disoriented about it,” he explained. “The big thing for me [was] every time I felt overwhelmed and didn’t tell Andrew, I got deeper into this hole.”

But how did Shawn overcome this anxiety? The “In My Blood” singer revealed that once he started to talk things out, it became much easier.

“So, now every time I have even a small amount of that overwhelming [feeling,] I tell him immediately. Because if you’re not solving the problem the second it starts, you’re going to create this massive, massive thing,” he continued. “I found that the less I would give out and explain how I was feeling, all of sudden Andrew would ask me to sign 10 posters and I would stress over it. [When] I started to explain how I felt and tackle all these things, I could sign 10 posters and do 10 shows and it would be no problem.”

His manager then added that these days, if Shawn ever feels overwhelmed, they have a “serious conversation” and decide together if they need to rearrange his schedule.

“We had one of those recently where we were about to set a booking up in January and he just said, ‘It’s too much, OK,’” Andrew said, explaining that the two then decided to take the holidays off.

Other stars such as Noah Cyrus, Zayn Malik, and Ariana Grande have also opened up about dealing with anxiety throughout their careers. It’s super important to always remember that no matter what you may feel, you’re not alone.

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