Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have a friendship unlike any other. They obviously have amazing musical chemistry since they can you know, write a hit song together and give us all the BFF feels whenever they performed "I Know What You Did Last Summer," and while they never dated, they're always so vocal about their pure bestie love for each other. It's truly precious.

So naturally, when it comes to their music, they do open up to each other about the projects they're working on. Shawn has made it very clear to his fans he's focusing on his eagerly awaited third album at the moment and the "Havana" songstress just released her solo debut, Camila, so they've both got a lot going on. While Camila stopped by The Zach Sang Show she admitted that while she and Shawn don't get to hang a ton IRL, they're constantly in communication with each other and he recently just asked her for some help with a song he's working on.

camila shawn high five

"It's so crazy, we never hang out but we're always texting and always on the phone. We're never in the same place at the same time but we're always texting about random stuff. We talk about Harry Potter," Camila said. "I think he was working on his album and he said he needed help because he was going to sing a line in Spanish and so I voice memoed him the correct pronunciation."

Umm okay girl, way to get all our hopes up now. Shawn singing in Spanish? Brb, already swooning over here. Shawn doesn't speak Spanish fluently so the fact he hit up his girl who does to make sure he's getting it right is v cute. Shawn is half Portuguese but it doesn't seem the Canadian-born singer is fluent in that either, so it's cool to know he's out here learning since he obviously has fans all around the world that speak all different languages. He seems to be taking a page out of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's books too when it comes to learning Spanish for a song. Shawn is a huge Ed fan (and tbh, who isn't?!) and he surprised fans with the track "Barcelona" on his latest album ÷ where he sang a few lines in Spanish and we all know about the Biebs' crossover success with the "Despacito" remix. While we're not sure if Shawn wanted this musical update out there just yet, we're so happy Camila shared it because now we're going to be PUMPED to hear this song if and when it ever comes out. She did adorably talk about how she actually sent Shawn her album before the rest of the world heard it and she was pretty surprised at what his fave song from Camila is.

"I actually sent him my album before it came out, like two weeks before. He told me his favorite song is 'Inside Out.' I thought he would choose 'All These Years' or some of the more singer-songwriter stuff. But now I can picture him doing his weird salsa dance moves," Camila joked while of course whipping out her best Shawn dance moves.

camila shawn dancing impersonation

That is truly just everything. Camila is out here giving us all the Shawn Mendes updates we never knew we needed. More reasons why she's the greatest.

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