Who knew Shia LaBeouf loved french fries SO much?

This Disney Channel alum and Even Stevens frontman is known to turn heads. Remember when he got married to his long-time girlfriend Mia Goth on Facebook Live in Las Vegas? And then we found out they didn't actually get hitched legally. Or when he was arrested outside of a Trump rally? There was also the role he played in one of Sia's music videos alongside Maddie Ziegler. The last thing anyone would ever believe is that Sia, Maddie, and Shia were besties.

But now, he's making even more bizarre headlines over a basket of french fries. Yes, you read that correctly. The goofy child star actually got kicked out of a bowling alley because he was being too aggressive with a member of the staff who wouldn't serve him the fries. French. Fries. YOU GUYS, WHAT.

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TMZ is reporting that Shia was at the Pinz Bowling Alley in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. He apparently was having some fun with his friends for three hours until things got out of hand. Shia was caught calling the bartender at the bowling alley a racist.

TMZ has obtained the video but it is unclear why Shia was calling the bartender racist or what remarks the bartender made in order for Shia to make the accusation. Then the actor was seen at Jerry's Deli which is connected to Pinz Bowling Alley. He was allegedly asking for french fries and when he wouldn't get served and started acting aggressively, he was kicked out. There was only one problem – he never took his bowling shoes off!

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Shia was then seen coming back into the building to retrieve his street shoes. Shia, the bowling shoes stay at the bowling alley, my friend. And after all that – we don't think he could do anything weirder in the future.

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