We have some devastating news for you guys. After more than three years together, YouTubers Sierra Furtado and Alex Terranova have split. The couple shared the heartbreaking announcement via YouTube on Monday, July 8, when they each posted a video to their respective channels, explaining their side of the story.

“I never thought I’d be sitting here saying to the world that me and Alex aren’t together. This is a thing that we know needs to happen, that we need to release into the world so that we can fully focus on ourselves because that is the most important thing right now,” Sierra said in her video. “It just wasn’t working for some reason. And I couldn’t understand why when we were together. I was so frustrated. When you aren’t whole as people, you cannot come together as two halves to make each other whole. You have to be two whole people that come together and that is how it’s going to work. If you aren’t at that level of maturity, of like, knowing who you are in your soul, like emotional maturity, than you can never be in a relationship that’s gonna be something that’s gonna last forever.”

The 25-year-old explained that the couple, who got engaged back in May 2017, had to go their separate ways so that she could learn to love herself.

“We were both at our rock bottom in this and we were at the rock bottom of our relationship. I was at rock bottom, I was just confused,” she continued. “I was not working. I was not growing. And I didn’t even know I needed to grow. I was never going to accept happiness for myself, accept someone’s love, until I truly loved myself and was truly happy with myself and understood that this isn’t [my] personality. For so long I just accepted this negativity and I didn’t realize that it’s all about how you think. It’s all about your mindset and your perspective on things. For so long I thought, ‘This is who I am. Maybe we’re just different. This is just who I am so it’s just not working.'”

Sierra Furtado and Alex Terranova Split
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“I was relying on surface level things, and numbing my emotion. And when you numb your emotion with surface level things, it also is numbing your potential happiness,” the influencer revealed. “When you numb the bad things and things you don’t want to accept in yourself, you’re also numbing all the possibility of anything good in your life. I was letting fear control me. Don’t listen to fear and insecurity because it will not allow you to grow.”

And now that she’s made the decision to focus on herself, she feels a lot better already.

“I already feel happy. I already am so happy for this blessing. Even though a breakup doesn’t sound like a blessing, this was a blessing,” the social media star added. “Ultimately, I know that God did this for a reason, and it was to show me happiness. To show me that that is actually a thing and what it was before and what I was dealing with before was not true happiness. I’m so excited to be happy and I’m so excited to be able to give love to people. And not just in relationships, to everyone around me. I’m just happy because I’m so in love with myself now. And I really could care less what anyone thinks of me.”

As for Alex, the 25-year-old revealed that the shocking breakup happened about a month ago. He explained, “I knew I had to do what was best for both of us, so I left and went back to Colorado to be with my family and friends.”

“Just like in any relationship, there’s good times and bad times. There was just something that wasn’t working between me and Sierra,” he continued. “There was something holding us back from being a [functioning] couple where we could read each others minds, where we understand each other, where we have a lot of patience with each other.”

Sierra Furtado and Alex Terranova Split
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“I think what defines a real couple is when you hit the rough times and you’re going through deep waters and you’re not really sure how you’re going to make it out. I think that’s what defines a couple and that’s where me and Sierra really struggled,” he added. “I think our lives being involved with social media, and our relationship being involved with social media — that was the biggest reason why we were having these problems.”

We’re wishing them both the best.

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