If you have been following MTV's new reality series Siesta Key, then you were most likely bummed beyond belief when the summer finale came around. While the show may have initially had us thinking, "Hey, this isn't Laguna Beach," the series became perfectly captivating and dramatic in its own way. It was impossible not to get totally hooked on the breathtakingly scenic production, and the show had us seriously begging for more like ASAP. Which brings us to the questions we have all been asking ourselves…

Will there be more Siesta Key episodes?

Lucky for fans like you and me, the docu-series is blessing us with more episodes starting on January 15, 2018 at 10 PM EST. Much more drama and slow-motion pool jumping is headed our way, and we literally cannot wait. Alex, Kelsey, Garrett, Madisson, Brandon, Chloe and Juliette will all be back in the new episodes – but this time, it won't be shot during summertime. But as Chloe says in the winter premiere trailer, "Thankfully here in Siesta Key, it's summer kinda all year long."

Is Siesta Key getting a Season 2?

While the second batch of episodes is just technically a continuation of the first, there hasn't been an announcement that it's getting an official Season 2. Basically, the first season is just split up into "summer" and "winter" – so who knows what's after that?! Only time will tell.

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When does Siesta Key film?

Wait, so how does the whole cast manages to film when they're not on summer break? Our thought exactly. Turns out, Juliette and Alex are the only ones still in school, and that doesn't stop them from filming. Juliette manages to fly back from Florida State University to Siesta Key – wait for it – every. single. weekend. Can you imagine?

Juliette spilled in an interview on The Morning Breath, "I leave Tallahassee Thursday nights and I get back to Tallahassee Sunday nights – every week."

Who is in the Siesta Key cast?

The main cast includes Garrett Miller, Chloe Trautman, Brandon Gomes, Madisson Hausburg, Alex Kompothecras, Kelsey Owens, Juliette Porter – but some of their other friends casually appear in the show as well. Amanda Marie Miller is also in a lot of episodes of the first season, but that wasn't the original plan.

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Juliette further explained on The Morning Breath, "So how that works is like when something crazy like Amanda punching Chloe in the nose happens, they're gonna roll with it. Like that was completely real, you know what I mean? So Amanda wasn't originally supposed to be in so many episodes, but right when we started filming, after Alex's party, they decided to like get in a brawl."

Dedication at its finest, people. Now brb, re-watching the first ten episodes in preparation for what's to come.

This post was originally published on October 9, 2017, and since has been updated.

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