You Decide: Meet Rak-Su, the Boy Band Simon Cowell Says Could Be the Next One Direction

In what probably proved the most closely-fought X Factor final ever, Rak-Su beat Grace Davies last night to be crowned winners of the television talent show. Everyone was pretty chuffed about it all, including their mentor Simon Cowell who now reckons the boys will go on to become as big as One Direction. And that's pretty bloody big. Speaking to The Sun, Simon admitted it's the lads' "class" that will take them far and allow them to compete with 1D's casual 70 million record sales.

Following Rak-Su's win, Simon said, "There’s an awful lot of artists in entertainment who appear nice in front of the cameras but behind them they’re monsters. Not these guys. These guys have that same thing as 1D, a certain class. The group are so important to the show for that reason. When you have people like these guys who have ambition it’s great and there’s this wonderful afterglow."

Brilliant. This all comes after the boys admitted there's a secret song in the Rak-Su vaults we'll never hear. Last week, Ashley told Heatworld.com about the worst song they've ever written saying [it was] "he first song me and Myles ever did together."

Myles added, "And don't ask, because you're not going to hear it. Don't even ask for the name. I'd like to stress, that was when we were about 15."

In case you're wondering, it's called "Blazin' MCs" and, NO, we can't find it online anywhere. Boo.

This post was written by Carl Smith. It originally appeared on our sister site, heat world.


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