If you're anything like gold medalist Simone Biles, you'll be thrilled to find out Hershey just revealed a brand new candy bar flavor in honor of the 100-day countdown to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. We caught up with the gymnast, and she was as super sweet as the delicious new Hershey's Gold flavor. From how she met her boyfriend Stacey Ervin to whether or not she's still in contact with her biggest fan Zac Efron, she filled us in on it all. One look at Simone's Instagram, and you'll see she and Stacey are the power couple you never knew you need in life until now. So how'd it all start? The star gave us the deets we've all been dying to know.

"I just remember one of our first dates we went on, a date to go to sushi. And he knows I don’t really – I’ve never really had sushi, to be honest. And he’s like, well you need to try something new, get out of your comfort zone. So he’s kind of all about that. He has a really great personality. And then we went on more dates after that – and then made it official," Simone dished.

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The two have been officially dating for about three months, but their relationship was brewing way back when Simone competed on Season 24 of Dancing With the Stars earlier this year.

She added, "We’ve been talking longer than we’ve been dating. Even whenever I went to Dancing With the Stars, we were still talking. And we would have like weekly FaceTime dates because obviously I wasn’t in town. And then I came back, and that’s when we started going on more dates and hanging out more. [We've been talking for] a period of like eight months. And we’ve been dating for – it’s about to be three months soon."

So sweet! Stacey may be #1 in Simone's heart, but there are some other Hollywood hotties that we couldn't help but ask Simone about. One being her good friend Jake Miller, whose music video she starred in. Turns out, they're still tight.

"We support each other all the time through different things," Simone said. "I wanted to go out and see [his concert], but my schedule was so packed. I couldn’t find a time to go out and see him, so unfortunately I missed that. But the funny thing was, on Dancing With the Stars, the apartment complex they put me in – he actually lived there as well. So we were basically neighbors, so that was fun to get to see him."

And who could forget when Zac proved himself to be Simone's biggest fan during the 2016 Summer Olympics when he flew out to Rio to surprise her? Between Zac getting all emotional and the infamous cheek kiss, we were literally reduced to a puddle of tears.

So have they spoken recently? Simone revealed to us, "No, I have not. He’s a busy man!" But hey, we wouldn't be surprised if Zac made it a point to support her this time around. Raise your hand if your think Zac, Jake and Stacey would make up the most swoon-worthy fan club the world has ever seen!

Now let's talk candy. While Simone's new fave Hershey's Gold candy bar is out now in ~select~ Hershey's Chocolate World locations, we'll all be able to get our hands on the new flavor starting on December 1 – ahead of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games.

"I think it’s most exciting because in over 100 years in production, this is their 4th flavor that they’re coming out with – and it is gold, so it is triggered toward the Winter Olympic Games," Simone exclusively told J-14. "But it’s also exciting because it’s not necessarily a chocolate. It’s caramelized creme with peanuts and pretzels, so they added a little bit of a twist to that if you like sweet and salty together. Hershey's has been one of my sponsors for a while now, so it was exciting to have this."

Mmm, our mouths are watering. Can you believe it's the 4th flavor in history? The classic Milk Chocolate bar came out in 1900, which was then followed by Special Dark Chocolate in 1939. Cookies ‘n Creme cane along much later in 1995. Now, they're adding Hershey's Gold to the list – just in time for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. After taking some time for herself after the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Simone is back and ready to dominate the floor once again. The one thing she couldn't do it without? All the support from Team USA.

"It means the world to us because you don’t get you’re going anywhere, especially us athletes, without the support of Team USA. So it’s kind of special to how the whole community comes together in events like this," Simone explained to us. "It was definitely nice to have some time for myself, but of course I missed the sport."

You go, Simone!

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