Imagine you got tickets to see your favorite artist perform live. After days of counting down to the event and legit freaking out with your BFFs, the day finally arrives and you’re super excited to see them in person. But when you get there, there’s just one problem — they don’t even show up on time. And we’re not talking five to 10 minutes here, we’re talking about singers who’ve shown up hours late to their concerts.

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Back in 2013, when Justin Bieber was on his Believe tour, the singer showed up to his London O2 concert over two hours late. As you can imagine, Beliebers were not happy about it.

“They were playing Michael Jackson song, after song, after song — it was so annoying. Everyone was on edge and as more time passed, everyone was getting more worried and booing,” one of his fans recalled.

Watch the video below to see more stars who showed up late to their shows!

But it wasn’t just the fans who got angry. Parents were pretty upset too.

“I feel frustration. It is outrageous that there was no communication from the organizers. It makes you very angry that he can get away with it,” one fan’s parent said.

Unfortunately, a lot of Justin’s younger fans didn’t get to stay for the entire show after he arrived. Talk about a major bummer. But on the bright side, he did apologize for his lateness. We may never know for sure why he was delayed (though rumor has it that he was busy playing video games, which could very well be false), but we’re willing to bet that he didn’t actually keep his fans waiting on purpose. After all, things do tend to come up at the last minute, and he’s only human!

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