Disney Channel’s Skai Jackson may look young, but she’s seriously wise beyond her years. Not only does she always look completely poised and glamorous on the red carpet, she also seems to know how to handle herself in every situation. Whether she’s holding her own in a Twitter feud with someone 10 years her senior or dispensing seriously incredible advice, the actress is way more mature than her 15 years give her any right to be.

Just listen to what Skai had to say when talking to The Huffington Post about blocking out the haters and living her life: “No one’s gonna like [everything] you do at the end of the day. There’s always gonna be someone who doesn’t like what you do, who’s gonna always hate on you. But for me, I’m living for what I do, I’m living for myself.”

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And when she does see a hater, she knows just the attitude it takes to move on. “I’ve dealt with it since I was nine years old and even younger. And know that it doesn’t really matter what people say. I’m just rooting for myself.”

It helps that Skai has seriously amazing role models, like Amandla Stenberg, who have also made a practice of standing up for what they believe in and following their own path. “Amandla stands [up against] cultural appropriation and things like that that need to be spoken about… That is amazing, especially someone that young — only like 17 years old — is taking the time and doing these things,” Skai said.

Amandla might be Skai’s role model — but Skai is definitely one of ours. And she’s a role model to a lot of kids all over, something she takes really seriously. “I never thought in a million years that I would be called a role model for girls and even boys, too. Even though I’m young, I really try to do the right thing,” she told The Cut.

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And for Skai, being a role model means being honest. “Because I’m so young, it’s really important to me to speak my mind. A lot of people get scared to talk about real issues that are happening right now. And because I do, I get so many people sending me messages saying things like, ‘Wow you really helped me, thank you so much, thank you for standing up to internet bullying.’ That means a lot to me.”

Check out the gallery below to see 9 times Skai was amazingly mature — both in attitude and on the red carpet.

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