Skai Jackson has opened up about why she defended Zayn Malik during one of the most popular Twitter fights in 2016. Not only did the young star prove that she was a die-hard One Direction fan and a proud member of the Zayn's Z-Squad, but she also showed the world that there is no age minimum for being a decent human being.

When the Twitter war was started by rapper Azealia Banks last year on Twitter, against the "Pillowtalk" singer, in which she made homophobic, racist, and super degrading comments toward him, the Disney Channel star stepped in to save the day.

“When I saw what she was doing, I was like, ‘This is not okay,'” she told while discussing her involvement with the organization No Kid Hungry.

She said her parents' initial reaction was not all the way positive and that her mom even questioned her asking why she had gotten involved in the situation.

“At first my mom was like, ‘What is going on? Why would you do that?’ But then she was proud of me for having my own voice. Even all of my friends, they were like, ‘Wow, you really stood up to her,’" she said.

Her actions paid off because it caused a lot of reactions from people which often led to a positive result, that ended in Twitter shutting down the rapper's Twitter page, where she had started many arguments with other celebrities.

Skai said she was glad she stepped in and helped the situation, "After [I said something], her Twitter got deleted, so it’s kind of like [I] helped in general to get her Twitter deleted and what not.”

It all began when Azealia began saying that Zayn copied one of her videos on his video for "Like I Would". "Zayn be mood boarding the [crap] out [of] me ?.. I'm not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie." Skai joined in on the conversation and shared her thoughts on what the rapper was saying.

That is when Azealia directed her words toward the Jessie star calling her "irrelevant," among other things.

Since this beef, Skai has gone on to become an internet sensation, not only for being a warrior against ignorance but also when a photo of her became a viral meme. She told the outlet that she did not care that people were making memes using her image, and had a business-like mindset, far beyond her years, saying that it caused her to get a lot of publicity.

“I didn’t take any offense to [the meme]. People thought like, I was being bullied or teased by it but I was like, ‘No! This is so funny.’ I’m getting more publicity from this, for one, and also, I love memes!” she said.

Good call, Skai! Keep rocking.

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