We know it seems like just yesterday, but it’s actually been several years since we first welcomed Skai Jackson into our hearts and homes via Disney Channel. The actress starred in several of our favorite series, but after she took on the role of Zuri Ross on Jessie, she quickly became a huge Disney Channel star.

Once Jessie wrapped in 2015, the young starlet went on to star in yet another Disney Channel show called BUNK’D. She got to play the same iconic character she’d been playing on Jessie for the four years prior. Obviously, fans had plenty of time to get attached to Skai, since she appeared on their TVs so often.

These days, it seems like she put her Disney days behind her and moved on to some other fun projects. Although Skai is no stranger to being in the spotlight, she admitted she exercises caution when it comes to making her personal life more public through social media.

“There’s a little bit of pressure with that. At the end of the day, I share as much as I can. You can’t share everything about yourself and your life with everyone,” Skai previously explained to Lady Gunn. “Be aware of online and in real life. Everything from a photo to what you say, how you say it, all of that. I like to use it [social media] to share with people and talk to my fans, but I’ve learned that it can be a little scary when it’s your life and your business out there.”

The Staten Island native noted “most” of her social circle is not in the “acting business,” so her life in the spotlight can seem “weird” to them. “They think it’s strange,” Skai said about getting photographed by paparazzi while out. “They just know me as me. They’re all behind me, especially my family.”

As Skai grows into a young adult, she’s eager to explore more aspects of her career. “Now that I’m getting older, I want to start trying new things,” she acknowledged. “I know that besides acting in different roles and trying different genres, like drama, I want to achieve something in the fashion business. Directing and producing in the future would be really interesting and challenging too.”

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