Before there was the Marvel Cinematic Universe, superhero fans got their fix with the 2005 movie Sky High!

Starring Michael Angarano, Danielle Panabaker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Steven Strait, Nicholas Braun, Malika Haqq, Khadijah Haqq, Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston, among others, the movie told the story about Will Stronghold (played by Michael) who was the son of two well-known superheroes (played by Kurt and Kelly). When it’s time for Will to attend Sky High, the high school for budding heroes, the teen still hasn’t developed any powers. After being assigned to the sidekick track at the floating high school, Will develops his father’s strength and leaves his friends behind. At the school dance, he’s forced to use his powers to protect the school when his dad’s enemy, Royal Pain, resurfaces for revenge.

“Will has the greatest superheroes on the planet, maybe the history of the planet, as parents and he doesn’t even have a spec of superhero ability, and so, that stress he’s going through, I can’t even imagine it,” Michael told MovieWeb following the film’s premiere in 2005. “He’s going through high school; he’s going through what I went through. What Will went through on his first day, I went through for a month in my high school not knowing anyone, trying to fit in, trying to get people to like you and so I know what he was going through; I think a lot of people do.”

While it’s been years since the movie premiered, Nicholas reflected on the movie during an interview with BuzzFeed in July 2021. The actor, who played Will’s best friend Zach, said, “As a teenager, I was most like Zach, definitely.”

The Succession star also remembered the epic moment he found out that he was cast. “I screamed and yelled — I was with two friends in Pennsylvania when I got the call, and I felt the most excitement,” the Minutemen alum gushed. “I still feel that way, though, when I get a part; I think, ‘Wow, I cannot believe I won this part.’ And then I immediately thought if they were going to let me out of boarding school in the fall to film — my dad pulled a lot of strings to make it happen.”

All these years later, he still has epic memories from the super-powered set. “I remember walking into the soundstage one day and seeing the Sky High bus on this huge hydraulics system, which we used to film the scenes of us flying through the sky to get to school,” Nicholas shared.

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