Ever since is dropped on March 13, fans have been listening to Sky Katz latest single, “Crushin'” on repeat! Well guys, prepare to fall even more in love with it because the Raven’s Home star just dished exclusively to J-14 on the meaning behind it, who inspired the track and what went on behind-the-scenes when they filmed the music video!

J-14: Tell us about your new song, “Crushin’!” What’s it about?

Sky Katz: “Crushin'” is about prioritizing what’s important to you and staying professional and doing what you love while not being distracted by someone you love. It’s kind of relatable in the sense that all teens go through love stories and have to figure out how they balance it with their life.

J-14: Was it inspired by anyone or anything in your real life?

Sky: Yes — secretly yes, it was. When I write I try to think of something I go through in my every day life. It’s kinda me speaking from my heart. I like to make my songs authentic and relatable to me and maybe others.

J-14: Is it ever nerve-wracking releasing something that’s so personal to you?

Sky: No, it isn’t. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever dropped anything too personal. I want to dig even deeper and drop something even more personal [in the future].

J-14: Tell us about the music video! What’s the theme?

Sky: There’s kind of a cool aesthetic theme — it’s a cool purple, blue and pink vibe. Pink’s my favorite color so I love it. It really brings the song to life. It shows how I’m busy and I don’t really have time for boys. One of the lines of the song is, ‘I like you but I don’t really have time,’ and I feel like the video portrays that perfectly. I’m with this boy and I feel like I really like him but in my head I know it’s more important to work.

J-14: Can you share some fun behind-the-scene stories from on set of the video?

Sky: Everything was awesome until the last shot of the day when it began to rain. We didn’t plan for that because it never rains in Los Angeles! So we made the umbrella into a prop and it ended up looking really cool.

J-14: I know you filmed all over Los Angeles, was there a favorite spot that you filmed in?

Sky: We filmed at [this arcade and restaurant called] Game Over Pizza. I really loved that because I love video games and they had video games there. There’s also a little basketball machine thing there that I love. They were really nice there and gave us some pizza. It was just a really cool place. My brother had recommended it because he’s such a foodie, so he was like, ‘Go here if you’re going to film!’ It looked really cool so we ended up going there.

J-14: Do you have any plans to release more music or an album?

Sky: I really want to drop an EP at the end of the year. It may have to be pushed back to next year though because this year has been crazy and it takes a lot. We have a lot of songs in the bank so I think I’m just going to keep dropping singles and eventually an EP.

J-14: What about a tour? Any plans to hit the road?

Sky: I’ve opened for so many shows — I love performing, it’s just crazy energy so I would totally love to tour in the future.

J-14: What’s your writing process like?

Sky: I like to think of things that I go through every day and make them fun — add a little fun spin to it. I also want to start making sad songs, just for variety. I like to listen to sad songs so I want to channel that in the future because I feel like I’ve never showed that side of me in a song.

J-14: Who’s your dream collaborator?

Sky: I’d love to make a song with Nicki Minaj! And I’d love to be in the studio with J Cole because he would pass down so much knowledge. He seems so educated in the hip hop business. He always talks about the difference between old school and new school and the pros and cons to both. He just seems very knowledgeable so I’d love to learn from him. And Nicki’s just my favorite rapper and a huge reason why I started rapping so that would be crazy.

J-14: Which do you prefer, acting or singing?

Sky: I can’t choose I love both so much!

J-14: What’s next for you?

Sky: I think I’m going to continue filming Raven’s Home. Hopefully I’ll act in something else too, that would be really cool. And I’ll just keep dropping music! Keep doing what I’m doing.

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