Need a boy band to rock out to all summer long? Look no further, because Skyward Story has a new group name and a new sound that you're sure to love. The band is definitely on their way up to the top of the charts, touring and even opening up for Kenny Holland for 5 of his East Coast dates.

We at J-14 have premiere access to the official music video for Skyward Story's original song "Hey!" The footage traces their journey as the three best friends travel the nation and spread their music to fans new and old.

Originally known as 3PM, the boys recently changed the band name to Skyward Story. We talked to the guys — Aaron O'Connor, Brandon Millman and Scott Montgomery — to learn more about that transition.

Aaron thought the band's name change was a pretty easy evolution. He explains, "I was very eager to continue with this 'new start' and what it has in store for us." Still, Aaron had one major fear about the transition: what the fans would think. Luckily, everyone was on board with the change. "We have the best fans in the world, and they welcomed the new name with no hesitation!"

Brandon was super excited about the reintroduction. He recalls, "Having spent so much time working on our music leading up to the big reveal, I was super nervous, but confident in myself and my bandmates." He even describes the experience as pretty magical, noting, "It was like stepping into a dream that was more real than anything before it!"

Scott's reaction was pretty hesitant at first. He remembers being "nervous and skeptical" but that he "quickly changed my mind because I really did feel it was time for a change." Scott also loves the significance behind the new name. "The meaning behind the name is very applicable to my life — dropping everything to reach for the stars and nothing else."

To get to know the boys a little bit better, we asked the guys how they would describe themselves in their own words.

Aaron O'Connor

"I'm Aaron, the singer for Skyward Story! My attributes include shamelessly singing in public and drinking coffee until I slip into a coma."

Brandon Millman

"I'm the drummer of Skyward Story and when I'm not playing music I enjoy lifting weights and training in various martial arts!"

Scott Montgomery

"I'm Scott, the guitarist for Skyward Story. Aside from music I really enjoy shopping and anything that has to do with sports! "

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