Throwing it back! In 2000, Josh Peck starred as Wayne Alworth in the movie Snow Day. While the flick has since been remade into a musical movie for Paramount+, the original version is still a total classic.

Aside from the Nickelodeon alum, the original comedy also starred Zena Grey as Natalie Brandston, Mark Webber as her older brother, Hal, and Saturday Night Live legend Chevy Chase as their dad. So, when it was announced that a remake was in the works, some of the new cast members jumped on the chance to watch the film that came before them.

“Well, Snow Day [premiered] before I was born,” Michaela Russell, who played Natalie in the reboot, told J-14 exclusively in December 2022. “It came out before I was alive. And so, when I was auditioning, we had a cousin in town and she watched this movie in the theaters when she was a kid. She loved this movie. And so, we all watched it together as I was auditioning. Then, I fell in love with the movie and I’m like, ‘Yes, I’m in. I’m in. This is going to be awesome.’”

Similarly, Ky Baldwin — who starred as Hal in the remake — missed out on seeing the original movie.

“I’m not sure how big it was in Australia, but it’s made it even more exciting seeing people and saying, ‘Hey, I’m in Snow Day,'” he explained to J-14 exclusively. “And then, ‘Whoa!’ The fact that it’s some people’s family annual Christmas film that they all get together and watch is so cool.”

Both versions of the film have the same general plot and follow a group of kids who attempt to overthrow an evil snowplow man in order to get a second snow day. The original movie had Chris Elliott as the snowplowman while iCarly star Jerry Trainor took over the role in the remake.

“For some reason it was not on my radar. I don’t know why because I love Chevy Chase and Chris Elliot. I have no idea. I think it was a little after my time or something,” Jerry admitted to J-14 about the original movie, and he’s still yet to watch it!

If Snow Day was a huge part of your childhood, scroll through our gallery to see what the original stars are up to now. 

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