Sofia Carson may have gotten her big break playing Evie in Disney’s Descendants, but she truly has made a name for herself since then! Booking roles left and right, one of her first jobs out of the children’s network was Netflix’s Purple Hearts, which has since become one of the streamer’s top 10 most-watched films ever. That’s not her only Netflix role, either! Keep reading for a guide to all of Sofia’s TV shows and movies since her time on Disney.

ICYMI, Sofia didn’t just star in Purple Hearts, she also served as a producer and helped write the music on the 2022 rom-com.

“I had, of course, been writing songs since I was 11 years old, but for myself, from my point of view… songs that came from my heart, not someone else’s,” Sofia told Billboard in July 2022 of creating the music for Purple Hearts. “I was so tremendously lucky that I had Justin [Tranter] to be my co-writer in this process.”

Sofia may be a household name now, but she worked extremely hard to get where she is today.

“I moved to Los Angeles to go to UCLA. Education has always been a huge part of my life and for my parents. It was always the deal that they supported me unconditionally, however, I had to go to school and pursue my education. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to even go to college. I moved to L.A. myself and I was auditioning while I was in school,” the singer told Teen Vogue in February 2020. “After class, I would run and audition once or twice a day. Or since I would often miss class, I would email my professor and be like, ‘I have this big audition. I’ll make up all my studies,’ et cetera. But they were always really understanding. I went on about 200 auditions before I got my first job. It was a small guest-starring role on a Disney Channel series called Austin & Ally.”

After landing her role in Descendants, Sofia’s fame skyrocketed, making her one of the most successful actresses out there. Scroll through our gallery to uncover all of the movie roles Sofia has lined up!

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