Finally! Sofia Carson has released a few solo singles over the years, but the songstress is gearing up for a full-length album — titled Sofia Carson.

“I fell in love with storytelling when I was a little girl and, when it came to writing my first album, I wanted to write a story from start to finish,” the Descendants star told E! News in March 22. “So, I wrote a story about love — about a girl who falls into a beautiful love, only to be shattered into pieces. But nonetheless, it’s a story about a girl who survives.”

The announcement of Sofia’s record came two months after the release of her latest single “LOUD” in January 2022. “This song was inspired and dedicated to all the women in my life who made me who I am,” she told Extra of the song following its release.

After rising to fame as Evie in Disney Channel’s the Descendants franchise, Sofia took the plunge into music and released her debut single, “Love Is the Name” in 2016.

“I equally love film and I equally love music, and I think it’s different forms of expressing myself and telling a story,” the actress told Coveteur in December 2017. “If I’m lucky enough, I would like to keep doing both — keep making films and to keep releasing music.”

When announcing her self-titled album to fans via Instagram in March 2022, the Disney Channel alum wrote: “She was meant to be loud.” Discussing the title with E! News, Sofia explained the reasoning behind using her name.

“I’ve been dreaming about what I was going to title my first album since I could remember,” the Florida native explained. “When it came to making the decision a couple of months ago, it was actually really simple because, to me, my art and my music is a reflection of my heart. It’s who I am, and so it only made sense to me that my first album would be Sofia Carson.”

She went to on say that sharing music with fans is like sharing “a little piece of my heart.” But with this record, Sofia told the publication, “I feel like I’m sharing my whole entire heart — all of me — and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a privilege to be able to make art that is a reflection of who I am and to share it with the world. At the same time, it is a little bit terrifying, but in a really thrilling and exciting way.”

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