Yesterday, Sofia Richie really worried her fans when she was snapping photos from the back of an ambulance in Milan, Italy. She seemed totally fine the night before on Snapchat and no one knew what happened in between that caused her health to take a turn for the worse.

Finally, she has given us some answers.

Sofia posted on Twitter and explained that she has really, really bad food poisoning. Yikes!

Oh no! This is super upsetting. Not only does food poisoning totally suck but not being in your own home when you're that sick is just the absolute worst. We really feel for Sofia! Hopefully, this will pass quickly and she will be cleared to jet set back to Los Angeles. Until then, we're keeping her in our thoughts and hoping she has a speedy recovery!

Sofia Richie is known for making headlines due to her famous relationships with Hollywood heartthrobs like Justin Bieber, Cameron Dallas and Brooklyn Beckham – just to name a few. But, now she's got the world talking about her for a different reason, and everyone is super worried.

Sofia is an avid user on Snapchat. Her followers have been watching her antics as she breezes her way through fashion week in New York and Milan. Last night, Sofia looked like she was having the time of her life goofing around in a hotel room. But, things took a turn down a scary path when she snapped a dark, fuzzy photo with the caption, "Worst day ever."

And, it didn't stop there. She posted another shot in what seems to be the back of an ambulance with her legs strapped in. It's super scary. She captioned this photo, "This really f—ing sucks."

sofia richie

Then she uploaded a video that looks like she's waiting in the hospital lobby on the stretcher. OMG!

sofia richie 2

Sofia's hospital visit was all speculation until she posted the next photo and it confirmed everything. The picture shows her arm with an IV in it resting in a hospital bed. She didn't have a message on this Snapchat.

sofia richie 3

Yikes! We can't imagine what it's like to have to go to the hospital, let alone be rushed in an ambulance without family by your side. Sofia is currently abroad for Milan Fashion Week, so there's no telling how long it make take her to have her loved ones to comfort her. She hasn't given any other details besides these photos above about why she was rushed to the hospital. Of course, the use of ambulances and stretchers usually means something serious is going on.

However, Sofia is coherent enough to be using Snapchat, which should make her fans feel a little bit better. She's had a super busy schedule lately, so this could all be due to something as simple as exhaustion. However, until we know what is really going on, we should keep Sofia in our thoughts and prayers.

Our fingers are crossed that she gives her fans some reassurance that everything is going to be fine. We will continue to update this story when and if Sofia explains what it really going on with her current health situation.

What do you think is happening? Let us know in the comments below!

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