The Internet is flipping out over the latest addition to Starbucks' Secret Menu! The Matcha Pink Drink and its now-viral successor, the Pink Purple Drink, incorporate two secret menu items to create beautiful ombre beverages.

To get the latter of the two-toned drinks, your barista combines the traditional Starbucks Secret Menu masterpieces, the Pink Drink (strawberry acai refresher and coconut milk) and the Purple Drink (passion ice tea with soy milk, vanilla syrup, and blackberries).

So how exactly does the "Pink Purple" ombre iteration get made? Here's a hint: you don't just mix the two drinks together. This under-the-radar concoction requires a bit more finessing on the effort of your local barista.

Watch the video to see what the two-toned Starbucks drink looks like — and find out how you can order it for yourself. Do you want to try it?

Video credit: Heather Thompson

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