So Edgy: Stars' Faux Piercings That Make Us Want to Unleash Our Inner Punk Rock


When it comes to celebrities rocking bold accessories, piercings are as fierce as it gets. The bolder, the better – but that doesn't mean you have to go permanent. Deciding to get a piercing, especially one you're not sure about, is a pretty big decision that one should definitely feel 100% certain about. That is precisely why faux piercings are just the right accessory for those who love to be daring without making a life-altering decision about their body. Watch the video below to see our fave celebs rocking faux piercings. Who knows - maybe you'll be inspired to get one yourself.

Stars like Gigi Hadid and Zendaya may not have nose rings in real life, but they prove that clip-ons are the key to temporary edginess. The perk of not having a hole in your body for life is that you can totally change your look without a trace of your earrings from the past. It's truly ideal for the indecisive fashionista/o who loves changing it up all the time. Just take it from these stars!


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