A ton of our favorite celebrities have tattoos all over their bodies, and it’s always fun to investigate the meanings behind them. But what can make the ink designs even more fascinating is when two stars share matching tattoos.

Yep! Tons of celebs have matching ink, and whether it’s an ode to their bae, their bestie or their costars, we actually think it’s super sweet. Most recently, two of your favorite Game of Thrones girls,  Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, got super meaningful tats, proving their friendship will still be strong as ever once the eighth and final season airs. See?

Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams
Getty Images

Isn’t that adorable? Both stars appeared on Good Morning America on April 2, 2019, to discuss the meaning behind the ink, which is actually the date they were both cast in the hit series.

“This was the date that we got cast,” Maisie said. “… so it’s been a decade.”

“It’s nearly our 10 years of friendship,” Sophie added. How sweet is that?

And the actresses aren’t the only ones with matching tattoos. It’s a bunch of other celebs too. And personally, our favorite is when two stars who don’t even know each other coincidentally get the same ink! LOL. Talk about awkward.

Some of the more unlikely pairs who share matching tattoos include Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, Rihanna and Lily Allen and Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran!

Scroll through the gallery to see which other stars have the same ink designs!

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