Honestly, it never gets any less shocking when you find out something new about your fave celeb that you didn’t already know. It’s like, you think you’re a total pro and then new information comes out and you feel like you don’t even know your best friend (er, fave star) anymore. That’s why it’s always surprising when it is revealed that the name a star goes by isn’t actually their real name IRL. Jessie Paege just took to social media to announce that her real name isn’t what we all know her as. Nope, it’s actually Jessica Eisenberg – who knew?!

“we stan an honest king,” she captioned it.

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we stan an honest king

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Many other celebs are super open about their stage names. Others, however, are very unsuspecting. Just take Dove Cameron, for example. The Disney Channel darling’s name sounds real – and it is. Well, now it is. But her name was something totally different before she changed it at age 15. The Liv and Maddie starlet is not the only one who goes by a name other than the one that was on her birth certificate. JoJo Siwa, Shay Mitchell, Jacob Sartorius, Katy Perry and Camila Cabello are also just a few of the many stars who don’t go by their real names. Whether they decided to go by their middle names, or a nickname they’ve always had, it’s much different than what you’re used to calling them. Scroll through the gallery to discover why these stars don’t go by their real names.

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