Are the members of Stray Kids tall? You might be surprised by some of the K-pop idols’ heights — we broke it all down below!

ICYMI, Stray Kids debuted in 2018 with their song “District 9” under South Korean music agency, JYP Entertainment. Originally, a nine-member group, Stray Kids includes member Bang ChanLee KnowChangbinHyunjinHanFelixSeungmin, and I.N.

The band was formed through a reality show competition of the same name in 2017. There, nine JYP Entertainment trainees worked together to solidify their spots in the music company’s next boy group. However, the company did something that was pretty unique: as the oldest and longest-trained JYP trainee, Bang Chan was able to hand pick which members he wanted to debut with him.

Stray Kids is also self-producing group — a rarity in K-pop — and they take pride in being involved in all of their songwriting. Three members of band, Changbin, Bang Chan and Han, actually formed a music production group called 3RACHA, where they create most of the music of Stray Kids.

3RACHA explained their music production process to Paper Magazine, revealing that often it’s Bang Chan that works on the track’s arrangement, while Changbin and Han work on lyrics and melodies. Changbin “constructs the lyrical framework,” while Han participates in the “overall organization of the piece” and is known for his super impressive lyrical ability and is known to pen entire verses in under 30 minutes.

“I feel like our fans are really just close friends, to the point where they’re like family,” Bang Chan told Refinery29 of their fans — who are called STAYs. “I love spending quality time and just being like, ‘I’m doing this. I’m thinking about this these days. I want to show you guys this. I got my ukulele and am going to play something for you guys.’ I think the whole live system is really great because it makes us feel so close. It just tightens the relationship.”

All that being said, the group has become one of the most popular K-pop acts since their debut — and fans, old and new, want to know more about Stray Kids, including how tall all eight members are. Scroll through our gallery to uncover all of the members of Stray Kids’ heights.

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