Sorry, Suite Life fans, but from the sound of it, there’s no epic Suite Life Of Zack and Cody reboot or reunion in the works. During a recent interview on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, former Disney Channel star Cole Sprouse got real about the possibility of getting the cast back together for one last hurrah, but the actor didn’t seem to be into the idea.

“It’s funny, I thought the privilege of being part of a lot of fun TV shows when I was younger that kind of became cult classics or fan favorites, like Suite Life or Friends, and there’s always that question that pops up. There’s always the, ‘Oh, when are you going to go back?’ But I don’t think that it should be done,” the Riverdale actor explained. “I think it’s really incendiary, there’s a huge potential to, kind of, demolish that perfect little golden memory of a program is you go back and revive it.”

He continued, “I’m not the biggest fan of the sequel and the spinoff thing. I think also, if time elapses, everyone who comes back to a program like that, they’re not really in the same headspace.”

Cole also went on to talk about how the iconic show has been “revived” for the fans, thanks to streaming services like Disney+.

“There’s always this tendency to glorify the things that we grew up with, especially the programming we grew up with. I think, thankfully, our show has sort of held the test of time,” he said.

Although Cole isn’t totally sold on the idea of coming back to the Tipton Hotel, the 27-year-old did say if the opportunity arose, he wouldn’t be totally against it.

“I don’t know how it would feel. I think it would be enjoyable to find a way to do it that has a lot of respect and captures the feeling that people are actually desiring from that, but I don’t know. I think it could be quite incendiary,” he concluded.

We’re ready whenever you are, Cole!

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