OH NONickelodeon Cancels ‘Talia in the Kitchen’

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Maria Quezada

"Here I am at Lola's! After 40 awesome episodes of #taliainthekitchen and a great journey that we shared with all of you, I couldn't ask for greater memories! Talia showed you and me to fight for our dreams no matter how many obstacles are in our way, to never give up, that it was okay to be original, and that we should embrace who we are and not change ourselves for anything or anyone. So thankful to have been part of this life-changing show. @nickelodeontv I love you guys & I feel proud to be part of the orange team. Let's be grateful towards @nickelodeontv for creating this exciting show. Talia Parra, thanks for challenging me to do things I never thought possible. Lil Miss Spice-A-lot, you definitely spiced up my life. If you ever feel scared to go after what you dream of just remember you have a piece of Talia with you in your heart wherever you go.❤️✨"

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