Are Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne feuding over her rumored relationship with Modsun?!

For those who missed it, rumors first started swirling back in April that Tana and Mod were dating after they shared a series of steamy Instagram videos together. It appeared that the YouTube star was spending the coronavirus quarantine with the rapper, and based off their PDA in the vids, some people quickly started to speculate that they were more than friends.

Then, on Saturday, May 2, things got a little complicated when the 20-year-old uploaded a new vlog and told viewers that she was fighting with one of her exes.

“One second, 11 messages. I gotta call this b***h,” the social media star said, before turning off the camera. Hours later she explained, “All of the energy I had to give, I was giving my ex. Me just taking out all my f**king anger like you really had to f**king text me today.”

Naturally, fans quickly tried to figure out which one of Tana’s exes was the source of all the drama, and a lot of her followers are convinced that it’s Bella, who also dated Modsun in the past.

“Pretty sure the ex is Bella,” one person wrote on Twitter in reply to the blonde beauty’s new video. Another added, “She said, ‘I’m gonna have to call this b***h,’ so I’m guessing Bella Thorne since Tana and Mod have been cozy.”

One comment on the vlog also stated, “Is it just me or are her and Mod actually dating and she’s fighting with Bella? Just a theory.”

Other subscribers have guessed that she might be fighting with Brad Sousa or even ex-husband Jake Paul. One YouTube commenter wrote, “She’s fighting with Brad. Because as soon as Imari [Stuart] says guess who it is [in the video] he sings a Justin Bieber song and that’s what Brad is known for.”

Some people also theorized that Tana had some beef with fellow YouTuber Jake after he publicly admitted that their marriage was “fake” during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. Although she has yet to reveal which ex she’s in a fight with, Tana told fans to “sound off” in the comments about who they think it is and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing!

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