Drop everything, people, because Tana Mongeau‘s brand new single is finally here! For those who missed it, fans heard a portion of the track — called “Without You” — during the first episode of the influencer’s MTV reality show No Filter: Tana Mongeau Season 2, and since, then it’s been all they can talk about. Thankfully, they don’t have to wait any longer because on Wednesday, April 22, the song officially arrived.

Before the track went live, the blonde beauty took to Instagram and dished on what the song meant to her. Alongside the single’s artwork, she wrote, “This song is my baby. It’s come so far… It’s NOTHING like anything I’ve ever put out.. from performing it live & raw to a sold out Gramercy Theatre in New York, to showing my best friend the FINAL master last week. I’m just happy to finally release this emotion into the world.”

Although there hasn’t been any confirmation exactly who the song is about, fans have speculated that it’s all about how Tana was feeling during her whirlwind relationship with Jake Paul.

“I’ll admit I feel alone at times / I’ve been there and I’ve crossed the line / I pray I can breathe again in overtime, time / Without you / I know that’s it’s wrong but I don’t care what’s right,” the lyrics read. “I’ll take the blame and you can take the time / I’m wishin’ that you could see us through my eyes / It’s all about you / And I know that I shouldn’t care / But I can’t breathe without you / And if the truth isn’t fair / Then I wanna lay here with you / I wanna cry without you.”

As fans know, the YouTuber has been super open about splitting from her ex and even explained to Seventeen Magazine that while they were married, he gave “all of his love is going toward boxing” while she gave him everything and expected it in return. Some people think that some lines in the track refer to that portion of her relationship. Others are convinced that “Without You” is about Tana’s past struggles with mental health. Recently, the social media star has been super open about the past year of her life and admitted that her depression had gotten so bad that she “didn’t care” if she lived.

The release of “Without You” came just a few days after Tana gave her followers a major life update and explained that, right now, she’s “better, happy and thriving.” Because of that, a group of her biggest fans think this meaningful track is a letter to her former self, now that she’s officially moved on.

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