Is Tana Mongeau OK? Fans are worried about the YouTube star after a clip from season two of her MTV reality show No Filter showed her facing a major health scare. During the premiere episode of the series’ second season, viewers watched as Tana visited the doctor for what looked like a chest x-ray during this season’s sneak peek.

“You’re having a problem with a cough?” the doctor asked Tana just after fans saw her heavily coughing and struggling to breathe in another upcoming scene from the show. The sneak peek then cut to the blonde beauty getting emotional when talking to the doctor about her health. The clip also showed Tana stepping up to a machine while her manager Jordan Worona sat watching and looked upset.

Fans Are Worried About Tana Mongeau After She Faces Major Health Scare

Naturally, fans shared their concern about the clip on social media. Many asked her to confirm if she was really sick while others wanted to know when she would address the doctor visit.

Aside from her health, the 21-year-old internet star is set to discuss the downfall of her relationship with Jake Paul in No Filter‘s second season. Tana will also get real about starting a music career. She even previewed her untitled new song during the first episode.

Previously, Tana opened up exclusively to J-14 about being “vulnerable” while filming the reality show. She admitted that although at times she couldn’t believe what was being filmed, the show became “something so amazing.”

“There were definitely moments where we would finish shooting a scene kind of. And I would just be like, ‘Holy f**k, I really just like said that out loud on my show.’ But I want it to be like that,” she said. “I don’t know, I think when filming a reality show, you definitely sign up for showing the world vulnerable parts of your life and all that can be challenging.”

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