Well, guys, looks like Tana Mongeau is shooting her shot with Addison Rae! After the TikTok star uploaded a brand new video of herself singing and dancing along to a song from Mamma Mia while in the pool, Tana had a lot to say about it.

The vlogger not only made a duet and added her own reaction to the video, but she also asked Addison to text her in the caption. But that’s not all! Alongside the video, Tana sent a message to Bryce Hall and shared her plans to “get at” Addison.

“Bryce, I’m done acting straight and supportive. I’m next,” Tana wrote. Honesty, we’re so here for this!

@tanamongeaulol##duet with @addisonre i’m done. addison text me♬ LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME – owen_kelley10

As fans know, Bryce and Addison have a pretty confusing romantic relationship, and fans are seriously unsure where they stand. It all started after they first became popular on the video sharing app back in October 2019, and they posted some seriously flirty, PDA-filled videos. After being on-and-off for months, in July, Bryce revealed that he was “testing the waters” with Addison. But then, in August, they were forced to set the record straight following some drama with Eliza Minor. From the sound of it, these two might just be friends as of now, so Tana, now’s your chance, girl!

As for Tana, she was romantically linked to Too Hot to Handle star Francesca FaragoIn July, the pair was caught holding hands as they left West Hollywood’s BOA Steakhouse together. Tana also shared a bunch of clips from their night out in since-expired Instagram Stories, and in one, she even claimed that they were dating! It’s unclear where exactly their relationship stands now. Previously, she was linked to Mod Sun, Jake Paul, Noah Cyrus, Bella Thorne and more.

Only time will tell if she gets Addison to hit her with a text back!

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