Throughout her time in the spotlight, Tana Mongeau has always been super open about the relationship she has with her family. As fans know, the YouTube star has explained in depth that her parents, Rick (who also goes by Cowboy) and Rebecca Mongeau, have contributed to a lot of problems in her life.

Recently, the 21-year-old sat down with J-14 and spoke about what she’s learned from her estranged relationship with them.

“For me sometimes you have to accept that people can not always be what you want them to be,” she said. “It’s important to accept people for the reality of what they are, who they are, whatever that is and heal from that yourself.”

Tana explained how her feelings toward her family has changed throughout her lifetime.

“I think that the past few years for me have more so been learning to grow from my childhood,” she explained. “It’s more important for me to focus on what I do have. Due to my lack of family, I’ve almost built a family around me of friends that are, for me that is, they mean more to me than my own family. So I think that you find your normalcy.”

She’s also learned to come to peace with the relationship.

“Nobody wants a bad relationship with their parents, but at the same time we are all dealt a hand in this life and it’s all about what you do with that,” Tana said. “Of course there are moments where I can be down on myself and of course, typical family moments, you just like wish that you have that. But I think if I were to focus on that, that’s a very depressive way to think.”

Does the internet sensation ever wish that her family situation was different? Surprisingly, no.

“It’s not something that’s pressing on my mind every day,” she explained. “I’m just grateful for the people that are around me. I swear to God, my best friend Imari [Stuart], he’s my whole family in one person.”

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